TRLASA Code of Ethics


We, the members of the Textile Rental and Laundry Association (SA) Inc., do hereby agree to:-

(1) Promote and retain respect for the textile rental and laundry services industry on the local community, state, and national levels;

(2) Promote free and open competition;

(3) Encourage and promote efficiency, management/staff development, scientific research, product and service improvement, and the basic economic growth of the textile rental and laundry industry;

(4) Regard customers’ business as paramount;

(5) Promote standardisation of goods for rental, so that such selections are beneficial for all concerned;

(6) Refrain from knowingly associating with any enterprise which uses improper or illegal methods in obtaining business;

(7) Not intentionally injure the professional reputation or practice of another member;

(8) Provide customers with hygienic, clean and recyclable products;

(9) Make the largest contribution possible to the health, safety, and welfare of the public and to those employed in this industry through the use of textile rental and laundry services.

10)   All members should respect the integrity of linen hire contracts. No attempt should be made to induce termination by the customer until the contract normally allows for. Indeed all attempts should be made to check the existing contract condition. The investment required to start a customer should be recouped by the full negotiated term, or else our industry will not be successful. Only extraordinary circumstances should permit a contract to be broken in “midterm.”

(11)  Linen Returns Linen at customers finds its way to other launderers by various natural reasons. All members should return any labeled (or otherwise obvious) linen items belonging to another launderer or customer. A “swap back” mechanism is beneficial to all members.